Cobh Triathlon Club

Triathlon Club Cobh Ireland

Committee Roles & Responsibilities

November 7th, 2016


The Club Chairperson is responsible for coordinating the running and operation of the club, organising and chairing committee meetings with a view to defining and achieving club goals and objectives, and acting as an official club contact and representative.

The Secretary maintains the minutes in a club record book, which serves as the official record of the club’s activities. Member attendance records of both regularly scheduled and special meetings are maintained by the Secretary.

The Secretary also acts as an additional contact point for the Club and attends to relevant administrative tasks, communications on behalf of the Club and liaison with Triathlon Ireland.

The main roles of the Events (Social & Gear) officer are –
– Organise variety of social events during the year (Christmas party, JD post run, Club Champs afters, T.I. Awards night and any other random social activity that may arise.)
– AGM – organise nominations & prizes/trophies for all awards, locate and collate presentations.
– Organise any other random ideas that arise during the year!
– Gear – two orders per year – winter and preseason. Link with PR officer to activate gear shop & treasurer re payment & discounts, coordinate distribution of gear to members

The Finance committee works to ensure that the finances of The Triathlon Club are organised and managed effectively. This includes:

– Oversee the financial affairs of the Club and plan for its ongoing financial viability
– Manage the Club financial accounts, and report on financial status to committee and members
– Operate the Club’s financial process, managing bank accounts and all related invoicing and payment matters for the Club

MARKETING (PRO & Media Officer)
The marketing committee works on the promotion of The Tri Club.The main roles of the Marketing, Web and PR officer are to:
– Update the website, activate and manage all accounts.
– Post stories and source race reports.
– Keep Facebook and Twitter up to date.
– All website admin.
– Deal with queries re club from members thinking of joining.
– Manage any additions to the website – e.g. bike boxes, gear shop. Paypal account, etc.
– Create and distribute monthly newsletters.
– Write & distribute press releases and handle press queries.
– Source and organise triathlon related seminars and workshops.
– Helping out with the marketing of club events – e.g. new to tri night.