Cobh Tri Open Night

Do you like swimming or going for a spin on your bike or a trot around the hills of Cobh. Or ever consider doing all three together…. why not come along and meet the members of Cobh Triathlon Club at our meet and greet on January 11th. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to meet those who have taken up triathlon over the past few years and ask whatever questions you’ve wanted to ask, over a welcoming cup of tea.
A fantastic way to start 2018 , meet new people and most of all have fun. Look forward to seeing you all.

Results from King of the Hill 2015- 3 AG podiums!


15 Mark MC GARRY (11) 01:14:39 Ages 30-34  (3) Male  (13) 00:13:59 00:01:41 00:39:14 00:00:59 00:18:44
17 Patrick BRUTON (13) 01:15:33 Ages 50-54  (2) Male  (15) 00:13:57 00:01:30 00:39:31 00:00:47 00:19:47
57 Jessica BRUTON (6) 01:21:54 Ages 25-29  (2) Female  (4) 00:12:55 00:01:36 00:45:50 00:00:45 00:20:46
62 Alan CUMMINS (7) 01:22:46 Ages 30-34  (8) Male  (55) 00:14:23 00:01:40 00:44:05 00:00:58 00:21:37
97 Fergal QUINLAN (9) 01:26:50 Ages 45-49  (13) Male  (83) 00:17:10 00:02:00 00:43:12 00:01:05 00:23:22
120 John BARRY MURPHY (10) 01:28:52 Ages 35-39  (30) Male  (102) 00:15:10 00:02:10 00:46:35 00:01:32 00:23:23
131 Michael MCDONNELL (12) 01:30:43 Ages 45-49  (17) Male  (110) 00:15:33 00:02:00 00:47:11 00:01:25 00:24:32
171 Terence DEVERY (16) 01:36:23 Ages 40-44  (30) Male  (136) 00:17:54 00:03:17 00:48:18 00:01:10 00:25:43
199 Mark O CALLAGHAN (15) 01:40:31 Ages 40-44  (37) Male  (153) 00:17:10 00:02:30 00:51:56 00:02:19 00:26:33
233 Team FOGARTY (324) 01:48:55 Relay Team  (15) Mixed  (15) 00:17:49 00:03:33 00:51:09 00:01:43 00:34:39

Lough Cutra Castle- Triathlon

Race report to follow. Well done all

11 236 Michael BRUTON M 20-24 Cobh Triathlon Club 02:21:23
25 498 PATRICK BRUTON M 50-54 Cobh Triathlon Club 02:30:33 +00:09:10
173 469 Frances BUCKLEY F 50-54 Cobh Triathlon Club 03:03:29 +00:42:06

Triathlon Ireland Membership Categories

Triathlon Ireland Membership Categories

Race Licence/Full Membership: €58

This membership is for people who trains with a club and intends to race several times during the triathlon season. You are insured for club training, and to participate in all Triathlon Ireland events, without paying a one-day-license.


Student Race Licence: €25

You have the same benefits as a Race Licence member, but you pay a reduced fee. This is only available to full time students. Proof of student status will be required.


Junior Race Licence (17-19yrs): €20


Youth Licence (15-16yrs): €10


Kid’s Tri Licence (0-14yrs): €5


Non Racing: €20

This membership is for people who are involved with a club and may take part in some training sessions, but do not intend to race (or only participate in a couple of races). Although you are insured to train with a club, you will have to pay a one-day licence fee each time you race.


Members are covered by Insurance for all T.I. sanctioned races, organised club training sessions and even when training alone, see link below to the TI website explaining insurance.


ODL explained

A One-day-Licence ‘ODL’ is available to buy online from TI when an athlete goes to sign up for their chosen event if they don’t already have a sufficient TI/Club membership status.


ODLs cost €25 per event and MUST be bought before the Thursdsay night immediately before the chosen event. You must bring a valid PhotoID with your ODL to registration at the event otherwise you will not be allowed to participate.


Your first ODL costs just €10.


Kids ODLs are just €3

Triathlon Ireland is open for membership fees for 2015.

Triathlon Ireland is open for membership fees for 2015. There are 2 different fees available to adults, full membership is €58, this covers insurance for training with the club and all race licences for this year. The other option is a non race licence which is €20 and this covers insurance to train with the club, however if you are doing races during the year you will need to buy a race licence per race. If you are planning more than 2 races you are better off with the full membership. The club membership fee can also paid through triathlon Ireland at the time of registration. Let us know if you have any questions.

Triathlon Club Cobh Ireland