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Jailbreak 2019

January 19th, 2019

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Cobh Triathlon Clubs flagship event will take place on Saturday
24/8/2019 in the historic town of Cobh. This is a Triathlon Ireland National Series sanctioned event with olympic distance only this year.  
It will be an all-in start at 10.40 am

Event Timetable:
Friday 23rd August
Commodore Hotel, Cobh.
19.00 Registration Opens
21.30 Registration Closes
We would kindly request local participants (Cork) and athletes who are staying locally to come and
register on Friday evening as registration will only be open on Saturday from 7.00 a.m. to 08.30 a.m.
thank you.
Saturday 24th – RACE DAY
Cobh Town Centre, Co Cork
 07.00 Registration Opens – Commodore Hotel, Cobh
 07.00 Transition Opens (Promenade area on sea front)
 08.30 Registration Closes
 08.45 Transition Closes
 09.15 Race Briefing (Transition area/around Bandstand)
Transport to Swim Start/Race Start – Please bear with us on this as there
are more logistics involved than with a regular beach start. Thank you.
Please pay attention to the timeline below as we really want all of you to
get to the start on time, if you miss the boat you will miss the race.
 09.40 – Boats start ferrying athletes to Spike Island from transition area
 09.50 – Athletes amassing on Spike/acclimatization to the water
 10.25 – Swim Briefing on the beach at Spike Island
 10.40 – Race Start

Olympic distance consists of a 1500m swim from the former prison island of Spike to Cobh on the great island, a 40km relatively flat, fast and technical cycle, followed by a flat scenic run on the waterfront. This is a one of kind race in this part of the country – where else do you get to “jailbreak” from a former prison island across the worlds second largest natural harbour.  The spectator support in this race is second to none, with the start and finish of the race centered in the town itself. We have received great feedback from both established and up and coming triathletes. Registration is open for the event and is available on both Triathlon Ireland and Sports Timings web pages. This is a TI sanctioned event so if you do not hold a TI card you will have to purchase a one day licence from Triathlon Ireland.Updates will be available on Cobh Tri web page and also on Facebook. ————————————————————————————-

You require a one day licence, annual Triathlon Ireland membership OR an International Racing License from an ITU affiliated body to compete in this event.  Click here for more license info.


Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact or

Cobh Harbour

Stewards And Signs – Transition Area Jailbreak

Swim Route

Escaping From Spike

Bike Route

(Overview and detailed PDFs below)


Jailbreak 2019 Bike Part1

Jailbreak 2019 Bike Part2

Run Route

Run Route Jailbreak 2019